Meaning Behind the Mascot: Wagner Seahawks


Natural leaders born with the ability to zero in and focus unlike any other animal in the sky, hawks are nature’s trailblazers. While they are able to fly and soar independently, hawks are known to work in harmony with humans wielding their fierce intelligence, incredible teamwork, and unmatched attention to their surroundings. The hawk is an animal that is exemplary of leadership, partnership, and sharp focus much like the pillars of Wagner College. When the time came for the educational institution to choose their mascot, a Sea Hawk was a choice that aligned with the college’s core values and overall mission.

Wagner College’s history dates back over 100 years ago to 1883 when the school consisted of only 6 students that communed in the top level of a home. Over the years and through many expansions, achievements, and changes; Wagner College has secured their seat at the table of educational institutions dedicated to providing a learning experience to students that will prepare them for the real world. After the second World War, students started to bombard the Wagner campus in search of a higher education courtesy of the G.I. Bill. With a new wave of students, a chatter began as well. What is the Wagner College mascot? At the time, the school didn’t have a mascot, unlike many colleges and universities. However, like their counterparts, Wagner needed a mascot that was going to channel their core mission of leadership, achievement, and citizenship. In November of 1947, Wagner students chose the mascot that would represent who they were as a community and campus; the Sea Hawk.

It is difficult to decipher when the first mascot hit the scene but some say that the first dates back to 1883 with a baseball good luck charm named Chic that would carry bats and run errands for players during games. As the tradition continued and evolved, the mascot transformed into a symbol for a team, college, or community that it was representing. Wagner’s Sea Hawk mascot is a visual representation of their mission that acts as the foundation for the college. The college seeks to provide students with the focus, partnership, and leadership of the Sea Hawk so that they can soar to their greatest heights.

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