Meaning Behind The Mascot: Texas A&M University

Just about every college and university has their beloved mascot that represents their school’s mission and goals. What’s more interesting than the kind of mascot each school has is the way that the particular characters come to represent their respective institutions. For Texas A&M University, their mascot seemed to have found them and started a tradition that is still alive and well today.

It all started back in the winter of 1931. A few cadets were headed back to campus when the accidentally hit a small black and white dog. Taken by it’s sweet puppy charm, the cadets took the dog back to campus. The only problem was bringing a dog on campus was strictly against the rules of the school. One night, a burglar tried to break into the cadets room and the recovering pup started to bark loud enough to scare the burglar away as well as earn the name Reveille. By the time the football season rolled around, the school accepted Reveille I as their official mascot and she lead the band onto the field. After 13 years in service, Reveille I passed away and was given an honorable 21 gun salute, formal military burial.

The school was without an official Reveille for several years until a Texas A&M alumni donated a Shetland Sheepdog. Over the years, the school has had a few different mascot dogs and currently Reveille IX is the official mascot. While on campus, Miss Rev as campus regulars call her, is treated like an official cadet. During the 60’s, the campus assigned a Mascot Corporal to handle and care for the pup which is chosen every year. The Mascot Corporal has to care for the pup, take her to class, on dates, and even to their home when the school is on break.

While the story of how Reveille became to be is unlike any other, it’s what she represents that is truly the amazing part of her story. Texas A&M University is a school that believes in their dedication to nurturing and creating students that develop into leaders that have a strong connection to service and responsibility. Reveille represents these principles that Texas A&M University students, alumni, and staff alike uphold and cherish.

Today, Reveille XI enjoys a life of being the highest ranking member of the cadets. With such a high ranking comes great honor and privilege. If Miss Rev, as campus regulars call her, falls asleep on another cadet’s bed, that cadet has to find another place to sleep. Miss Rev even runs any class she’s in as tradition states that if she begins to bark while in class, the professor has to let the class go early. Miss Rev is more than a mascot; she is a dog that brings the campus together and a joy and uniqueness hard to find elsewhere.

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