A Day in The Life of A Coordinator, Content Strategy and Acquisitions

Tyrik LaMarr Miller
Coordinator, Content Strategy and Acquisitions
Comcast NBCUniversal – Universal Kids
Wagner College 12’
Twitter: TeamOnMaBackDoe
IG: 26plus1moonwalkinonthesun
  • My day starts around 5am. I’m up and out of the house by 5:30, and on the Megabus from Philadelphia to Midtown Manhattan by 6am. I’m usually one of the first (3) people to arrive on the 16th Floor of the East side of 30 Rockerfeller Center, where Universal Kids resides.
  • In short, my job entails scheduling the UniKids television network on a macro level; that is, the actual programming (series, episodes etc;) and the order that it airs in. My team is responsible for the micro-level scheduling (Media Planning) as well. This includes the day-to-day scheduling of the promos, bumpers, IDs, image spots that you see on-air…basically everything that exists outside of the commercials. We work in tandem with Commercial Operations, who are responsible for placing the commercials on a daily basis for any given day. We also have a hand in the scheduling and maintaining of UniKids content on platforms outside of linear television (VOD, TVE, online, and the like).
  • The Programming and Media Planning department(s) are truly the heart of the business. No matter what Marketing, Brand Creative, Production, Social Media and every other department does, if it doesn’t go to air correctly, it won’t matter. We are the consumer-facing last step before the content and creative ideas and the overall channel is released to the public. Therefore, it’s imperative that we be detail oriented enough to limit any type(s) of error or inaccuracy.
  • I started out as an intern my senior of college for Nickelodeon at Viacom. That internship led to a job with them, where I remained for 2 1/2 years. I’ve been here at Universal Kids (previously “Sprout”) for about 3 years now, and the wealth of knowledge coupled with the sometimes unbelievable work perks have made for quite the experience. Through my job I’ve been able to play basketball with the likes of Trey Songz, attend movie screenings with the boss, Nick Cannon, and party alongside Drake and the OVO crew. Always look for opportunities to enjoy life, even in the midst of your “work”.

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