A Day in The Life of A Psychologist, Educator, Small Business Owner, Children’s Advocate & Activist

Any career path chosen should be one that is true to who YOU  are. You will find overall success  and complete gratification when your goal is to please your soul.

The creation of my Child Development Center in 1991 was a vision that grew into a sort of Child Care movement that would incorporate the development of an inclusive curriculum that would assist all children in developing to their fullest potential regardless of race, religion, culture, socio -economic status or level of development. In providing such a service I would be thrust into the role of children’s advocate, particularly Black children as their voice continues to be dismissed and unheard…..the result of the institution of racism on which this country was built.

To date, my choice to be outspoken on the racial inequalities of these children has caused great discomfort amongst many. Unfortunate, as the truth will set us free.

I have chosen to continue my journey to help those less fortunate instead of focusing on a “brand” from which only I would benefit as I am concerned that the Black community is in turmoil because we have forgotten the most needy and those who feel a sense of hopelessness.

I am challenging the young Black professionals of today to follow their dreams but to also take time to encourage other young learners.

Attallah Brightwell, PhD

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