A Day in The Life of A Business Analyst

Micaela Bondar

Business Analyst

Venture Technologies

Wagner College


A day in the life:

The title Business Analyst is used at many companies and fields. My role as a business analyst is quite different than the every day business analysts.  I work for a consulting firm that implements ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Our primary clients are manufacturing and distribution companies. The software we implement is Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One along with add on systems and a cloud-based CRM.

My job consists of 90% traveling depending on where the client site is. We fly out on Monday mornings and return home Thursdays. During the time on the client site we go through the different steps of a project. Our projects can be short for a few months or a longer span closer to a year depending on the complexity of the project.  Throughout the project we have requirements gathering sessions to figure out how the client runs their business and what is needed in the new system. From those meetings we have additional meetings to learn more about the day to day specifics. While we are gathering requirements, we start building out the system. This includes creating application versions within the system to tailor to the business needs. This process is ongoing and changing while we learn more about the business. Us consultants do the first round of testing to make sure the system is configured and functioning as expected. Then the users have a series of multiple scenario tests that include running through the processes from beginning to end. This helps us to identify steps that are missing, whole missing processes, specific field requirements, and security issues.

Once all testing is complete we are ready to convert to the new system. This is an intense weekend where the consultants and some users work for 2 weeks straight, including the weekend. We call this Go-Live. Go-Live includes cutover from the old system as well as starting in the new system. Everything has to be completed over the weekend to ensure business can resume on the following week in the new system. Following Go-Live in the new system, we monitor transactions and provide support for a set amount of time before heading to a new client project. Then the process begins again.

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