A Day in The Life Of A Senior Executive Assistant

Claudia Omari

Senior Executive Assistant

JP Morgan, New York, NY


For the past 18 years, my day to day consists of managing a team whose focus is ensuring Investment Banking operations run efficiently.  This includes enhancing our current processes, reporting, controls and assisting Senior Managers.

In my role, Organization is of utmost importance. My morning ritual consists of having my “must have” cup of coffee, then creating a “to do list”, prioritizing it, and assessing how much time will be required for completion. This allows me to set clear objectives for the day and manage my time effectively.

My daily responsibilities follow no set order and can change significantly from day to day.  I am responsible for not only the success of the managers I work with; I am also an admin team leader where I am required to enhance, the overall experience of the other assistants within the bank.

Most of my days are spent in scheduling meetings, responding to emails, organizing conferences and travel, and identifying the needs of the team and addressing them. Multitasking skills are a must when working through these requirements, and driving change for improvement.  I also focus my attention on issues as they come up because technology though a great invention; there are days where our systems, computers, and copiers fail to live up to our expectations. These are the days that test our strengths and abilities to think on our feet as we take a deep breath and learn other ways to get the immediate tasks handled.

Constantly striving to improve is my driving focus.  Given that my day to day is rarely mundane, there is always an opportunity to learn something new, improve upon my skills, as well as apply existing skills to influence our processes.

What excites me most about my role is having the opportunity to connect with everyone at various levels. Working alongside our senior leaders and understanding their investment in the business and their concern for the ongoing development of their employees is to be commended.

I work amongst a group of professionals who are truly invested in the progression of the firm, and all these factors go together into making this a job one of the most rewarding I have had.





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