A Day in The Life of A Lead Mobile Expert/Assistant Manager

Brittney Mickens
Lead Mobile Expert/Assistant Manager T-Mobile
My name is Brittney Mickens , a 20 year old Senior majoring in Sociology and double
minoring in Psychology and Disability Studies as an Undergraduate and also a newly admitted Graduate Student to the accelerated Masters in Applied Sociology program at William Paterson University in New Jersey. I am a Lead Mobile Expert/Assistant Manager at T-Mobile. I began my academic journey in my home country Jamaica where I obtained my education up until Secondary School. I am a proud past student of Ferncourt High School. I was initially admitted to William Paterson University as an International Student until I transitioned to being a resident & I must say my experience at my school has definitely been a great one.
As an inducted member of William Paterson University’s Chapter of the National Society of
Leadership and Success Sigma Alpha Pi (ΣAΠ) I have been given the pleasure of representing my university as a member of the largest honors society in the United States. I have also been recognized as a newly inducted member of the William Paterson University’s Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the International Sociology Honor Society. I serve in many capacities at my university, from being a Student Ambassador, to executive board member of 2 Student Government Association organizations, to being an honor student to being very involved in civic engagement programs both on and off campus. I take academics very seriously and for as long as I could remember education has always played an integral role in my growth and development as a young woman. My parents served as great role models for me growing up and I think growing up in a third world country with a very strict and high stand educational system plays an essential role in why I take my education as serious as I do.
A good rule of thumb for anyone who is about to go to university is to have very good time
management skills. Good time management is essential for all aspects of your life because
though your education is a priority life is still going on, bills will be due, responsibilities are still going to exist and important relationships will demand attention as well, therefore it’s important to have a balance and organize and create schedules. Furthering your education will demand sacrifices, inclusive but not limited to your time, relationships, finances among so much more. However they are all necessary for you to excel. My academic journey has taught me many life lessons . The many adversities that have occurred have served as great motivators for me; from me grieving the tragic loss of my father to having to balance my personal life, finances and my academics to having both a full time and part time job among other responsibilities whilst still being an honors student. Having stated that I think anyone can be successful in college you just have to want it enough and keep focused, acknowledging that this is your life, never comparing yourself or your success and constantly striving!
I would urge freshmen or returning students to always network, keep a good link with your
professors they can serve as great mentors, utilize the opportunities and programs your institution offers and keep good people around you who are goal orientated, genuine, positive and have your best interest at heart! I take my spirituality very serious so that keeps me grounded as well. I would encourage you all to definitely cherish your support systems, never take anyone or anything for granted, value your time, set goals, always have alternative plans and never give up!
All the best to you all in all your endeavors! Keep persevering!
Brittney Mickens

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